Activism is our Prayer:

Celebrating 20 Years of Spiritual Justice


We are collecting your best Soulforce memories over the last 20 years! Using the prayer flags from the Southeast House, we want to know the times Soulforce inspired you to be brave, powerful, uplifted, connected and part of a legacy of spiritual justice.


For the next five weeks, we will post a new flag with a new prompt and then we will incorporate your offerings into our 20th anniversary commemorative publications including our timeline, an anniversary photobook, story gallery, and more!

Share your story with us!


Week 5:

What is your “living ancestral wisdom” from your life with Soulforce?

  • Who or what do you honor in your Soulforce activism and membership?

  • Who in our Soulforce family has passed on that you want to commemorate during this special anniversary year?

  • Who or what has blessed your work for justice with their accompaniment, love, encouragement, and wisdom?

5 Ancesstors.jpg

“My ancestors love me, and are present with me everyday."

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