Hello! My name is Aly Thatcher and I am a California native. I am passionate about social activism because I believe in humanity. I believe that things can be better, and I want to be actively involved in making conservative evangelical institutions a positive environment for humans of all social locations. This project is so important for these institutions because people are hurt daily by the oppressive beliefs of evangelicals. As a House member of this project, I would like to see a minimum of 1 person hurt less because of the work that we do. If we can help create a more welcoming environment for even just 1 person, I will feel like we have done our job.


*When you support Aly, you are providing housing, training, food, transportation, printing, and staff support to a group of powerful activists creating a home for people in Southern California who live, breathe, work, and study in hostile fundamentalist contexts. Thanks for making Soulforce come alive in new ways through the Equality Ride program.