Annual Reporting

We know that every dollar and every hour you give to Soulforce signifies love, solidarity, and sacrifice. Soulforce staff have great reverence for your generosity and the whole Soulforce community that makes our work happen.

So we believe in transparency. We want you to witness in an intimate way what you make possible every day. You are invited to read through our programming reports to learn more about the stories and impact that our Soulforce community makes possible.

Programming Reports

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Download the 2019-2020 

Annual Report: Sabotage Report

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Download the 2017-2018

Annual Report: The Snatch Back 

Download the 2015-2016 Youth Movement Report

Download the 2013

Annual Report: Investing in Ideas 


Download the 2018-2019 

Annual Report: Forging Tools

Download the 2016-2017 

Youth Movement Report

Download the 2015-2016 Know Your Neighbors Report

Download the 2012

Equality Ride Report

Download the 2009-2010 Annual Report

PDF reports have been compressed for easier downloading. If you need a higher resolution file, please contact

If you would like access to our 990 filing, governing policies, by-laws, or articles of incorporation, please contact

Movement Advancement Project Reports

Annual MAP reports are like a report card for some of the most tenured LGBTQI organizations in the movement. Each year, Soulforce and approximately 40 other organizations provide detailed financial and programming reports that include insight into staffing, liquidity, diversity and equity, and follow-through on set goals.

Download the 2013 Report.

Download the 2009 Report.

Download the 2020 Report.

Download the 2019 Report.

Download the 2018 Report.

Download the 2017 Report.

Download the 2016 Report.

Download the 2015 Report.

Download the 2014 Report.

Download the 2012 Report.

Download the 2011 Report.

Download the 2010 Report.

Download the 2008 Report.

Download the 2007 Report.

If you have questions about these documents or any other issues related to reporting and transparency, please contact