Bible Self-Defense Video Series


Join us for a seven-session Bible Self-Defense course to learn how to combat Bible-based attacks against marginalized people.

Whether you’re coming for more tools to disarm Bible-based violence in your activism, trying to find common ground with your fundamentalist conversation partners, or courageously reclaiming your spirit in resistance to legacies of Christian Supremacy – you are welcome here.

Your purchase provides permanent access to our Bible Self-Defense videos series via a password-protected webpage at and a private YouTube playlist. Access to this material is available on a sliding scale. We invite you to choose the rate that is right for you.

Session Descriptions

Session 1: Biblical Literalism & Inerrancy

Have you ever been frustrated by a conversation where someone tries to dominate by claiming “God says” or “the Bible says” to make their point? Does the Bible ever feel too big, too scary, too much to unpack, for fear of what it could say about you? In this introductory session, we invite you into a conversation about Biblical literalism and weaponized scripture.

Session 2: Femme & Feminism and the “Evil of Eve”

In this session, we will unpack the toxic interpretation of Woman as "seductress" or "helper" from the creation stories in Genesis. Our goal in this session is to combat sexism by decoding the ways that this text has been used to justify violence against women, girls, and LGBTQI people, and to explore different interpretations of the text that lead to gender solidarity and justice.

Session 3: The “Sin of Sodom & Gomorrah”

Have you ever found yourself grappling with what you've been told the Bible does or doesn't say about homosexuality? This session delves into the story of the sin of Sodom & Gomorrah without fear. We will examine this story from Genesis in context and learn about what it has to do with our present day.

Session 4: The Gender Binary & the “Indiscretion of Cross Dressing”

Our session will focus on Deuteronomy 22:5, a text that is used to justify violence against Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming people.

Session 5: Effeminate Men & the “Crime of Sex”

This session is specifically focused on the ways Leviticus 18 & 20 are leveled against homosexual sex. We will read the scripture for ourselves, examining Leviticus in its historical and political context, and we will address how we might build our courage and defend ourselves in conversation about this scripture.

Session 6: God & “Gender Transgressors”

n this session, we will continue to unpack the gender binary in scripture, including the expansive nature of God's gender. We will also look at Biblical figures who transgress gender roles and identities in Genesis, Acts, and Isaiah that complicate our understandings of gender expression in scripture.

Session 7: Romans & the “Immorality of the Unnatural”

In this concluding session, we will go deep into the clobber passages in Romans 1 to raise questions about what exactly is "unnatural" about queer love.