Unbroken Ancestry: Title IX, RFRA, and White Supremacy

“We believe that healing our world must start with healing our bodies because that is where we hold the trauma that constricts us from coming out fully to play. It’s a deep knowing that we are born with that comes through our bones, and our ancestors’ bones, and our ancestors’ ancestors’ bones.” We begin each gathering of our Soulforce House--a 4-day theology and politics intensive with our Movement Fellowship participants--by invoking ideas that will ground us throughout our time together. The above is an excerpt from the welcoming meditations at the November 2015 Southeast House retreat. As a practice-er of nonviolence, I think a lot about the ancestry invoked in this work through our

Why Our Stories Matter

Storytelling is how we develop identity and community. It gives structure and meaning to our lives because storytelling is more than entertainment. It supports our identity and helps us to find community. There is so much power in even the single narrative. With it we are able to reach across aisles, communicate and connect with people who are like us and affirm our very existence. Silencing our stories is a form of violence because storytelling keeps us alive. When our stories are silenced, our ability to connect is smothered. It’s been scientifically proven that silencing someone’s story can lead to depression, self-deprecating actions, and even death. Social media platforms like Faceb

Call to Action: Say No to NRB in Nashville!

To my people of faith: this is a CALL TO ACTION! We have to clean up the mess in our kitchen. This is a call to action to those of us who live in the U.S.—to Church Folk and College Students, to Proud PFLAG Mamas and all y'all's people también— to come in, and talk together about how our legal and cultural wins for queer justice and gender justice here often push Christian fundamentalists to export their violent ideologies onto those who are vulnerable in the Global South… and what we need to do about it. Our LGBTQI people in the Global South* have been telling us again and again that when U.S. fundamentalists from the Religious Right come to their country, they do not come alone. They come

11 Ways to Resist Christian Supremacy this Valentine's Day

Question: What does Valentine’s Day have to do with Christian Supremacy? Answer: Plenty. …So is it dangerous to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day? Well, it can be… Underneath the capitalist conspiracy to get us to pour out $19 billion (yes, I said billion with a b) this year on the mountains of red heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, jewelry, cards, and flowers that will be flying back and forth between lovers and friends, family members and co-workers, there is a long legacy of militarism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, elitism, ableism and Empire colluding with Christianity to co-opt our understanding of love and use it to subjugate our bodies and control our spirits. As is the case with alm

Why the #GiveBackIX Campaign is Vital to the Safety of LGBTQI Students at Christian Colleges

Organizers Protest Title IX Exemptions at Biola University February 9, 2016. Photo Credit: Joseph Olvera. College was never something I thought a lot about growing up. I came from a background with an ingrained understanding that school was where you went to memorize facts, learn from experts, and never question their authority. But I do remember feeling strongly about going Christian college because I wanted my faith to be my own and not something simply inherited from my family or church community. So when I entered the world of higher academia, I realized for the first time that I could ask questions and I could trust myself. I was a proud first generation college student whose family sac

Manifesto: Are You Our People?

There is something uniquely special about the people who assign themselves the tasks of Soulforce. Folks often say to us, “This feels like church.” It is our response to spiritual violence, so our work acts as a particular kind of balm that reaches the hearts of our people. We know that how we do our work is every bit as important as the work products we create. There is a boldness in the vulnerability of those who choose to do this work. It is hard, and game changing, and it doesn’t get done unless we commit ourselves to spiritual-political practices that rejuvenate our spirits as we rail against the systems of oppression that seek our peoples’ demise. Recently in a staff meeting we took ti

Soulforce works to end the political and religious oppression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people through relentless nonviolent resistance.

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