July 22, 2016

At the World AIDS Conference Interfaith Pre-Conference in Durban, South Africa this past weekend, the new UNAIDS number-based goal being touted in order to eradicate HIV/AIDS is 90-90-90.

By 2020:

Ninety percent know their status.

Ninety percent are being treated.

Ninety percent receiving treatment will have viral suppression.

The Interf...

May 1, 2016




One of the taproots of Soulforce is training and accompanying folks who are dedicated to transforming the institutions that represent religion, in this case the United Methodist Church, in their work to reclaim spirit and do justice.

Over three weekends in April, we provided a series of workshops in Nonviolence and Direct Actions in e...

April 22, 2016



At one of the high profile Christian schools we traveled to on the Beyond Equality Ride this March, we had an under-the-table meeting with university administrators about the potential impact of leaning into the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) to respond to, or, in our dream world, divest from religious campuses that maint...

February 23, 2016

“We believe that healing our world must start with healing our bodies because that is where we hold the trauma that constricts us from coming out fully to play. It’s a deep knowing that we are born with that comes through our bones, and our ancestors’ bones, and our ancestors’ ancestors’ bones.”

We begin each gathering of our Soulforce...

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September 23, 2020

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August 24, 2020

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