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CasSandra Calin

Board Chair

CasSandra is a Black-Cuban healer in Richmond, VA, who is passionate about spirit work, mental health, indulgence and pleasure, and sustainable diligence. CasSandra has worked in healing and mental health since 2011 and currently works as a clinical therapist. CasSandra's passion for social justice keeps the systemic and institutional forms of oppression at the front of her mind when thinking about how best to heal and liberate queer and trans Black and Brown people. She is overjoyed to be a part of Soulforce's work to sabotage white Christian Supremacy, by bringing a trauma informed and culturally responsive lens in order to support an organizational culture of steadiness, sustainability, and spirit. 

CasSandra was a member of the 2015-16 Soulforce Southeast House Fellowship and understands firsthand the power of reminding LGBTQ+ people that we have unlimited access to divinity because we are a manifestation of it. When she is not working or drooling over Soulforce, she pursues hobbies as a writer, songbird, chef, and crafty-creator.

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Jason Tseng

Board Treasurer

Jason Tseng has devoted his professional and personal life to empowering ordinary people to make extraordinary change. Splitting his time between serving the arts and queer communities of color, he has worked for organizations like Theatre Communications Group, Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), Fractured Atlas, and currently serves on the steering committee and chair emeritus of GAPIMNY, the second oldest queer Asian community organization in the nation. Before moving to New York, he grew up outside Washington, D.C., in Maryland and graduated from the University of Richmond studying Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Theatre. In his spare time, Jason creates plays, stories, comics, and illustrations (usually about queer people and people of color). He now lives in Long Island City with his husband and their rabbit, Turnip Cake.

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Jelani Drew-Davi

Board Member

Jelani is a queer, black, southern organizer and creative who is passionate about social change.


Jelani is a graduate of VCU’s Master’s of Social Work program as well as an alumni of the Kairos Fellowship. Their organizing accomplishments include successful campaigns around racial justice and the accountability of Big Tech. Currently, Jelani is a digital organizer and strategist providing mentorship to new digital organizers, as well as managing campaigns and building community power both online and on the ground.

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Cole Parke

Board Secretary

Cole Parke is a queer & nonbinary trans person, rooted in Durham, North Carolina. Soulforce became their first political home when they climbed onboard the 2008 Equality Ride bus, and they've been learning, growing, and transforming alongside the organization ever since. They subsequently participated in a second Equality Ride in 2012, and joined the Board in 2020.

Cole currently works as a statewide community organizer for Carolina Jews for Justice, dedicated to building a powerful progressive Jewish justice movement in the South. Prior to joining CJJ, they spent five years working as a research analyst at Political Research Associates, a social justice think tank dedicated to understanding and interrupting right-wing extremism, including white supremacy, misogyny, xenophobia, antisemitism, and the christian supremacy that fuels it all.

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Rev. Rhina Ramos

Board Member

Rev. Rhina Ramos leads Ministerio Latino in Oakland, CA. Her call to ministry was to create a space where Latinx LGBTQI immigrants are welcomed and loved and started Ministerio Latino in December 2011. Rhina has 25 years of experience in non-profit work. Before being a full-tme pastor, Rhina has been a lawyer, a community organizer, a facilitator and instigator. Originally from El Salvador, she is proud to come from the land of volcanoes. 

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delfin w. bautista

Board Member

delfin is a native of Miami, FL with both Cuban and Salvadoran roots. delfín is a social worker, activist theologian, writer, and diversity educator with a Master in Divinity and a Master of Social Work.  As a Latinx trans and queer diva of spirit, delfin is passionate about intersectional justice and resilience, especially around the experiences of queer people of color. delfin's eclectic background includes parish ministry, campus ministry, chaplaincy, child welfare service, trauma therapy, education, writing, and diversity and inclusion work.  

Es un gran honor to join the Soulforce Board.  As a former Equality Rider and participant in several actions, I look forward to giving back to an organization that has given me so much--community and familia, a space to explore and come out as me, a voice, and invitation to delve deeper into la lucha.  I look forward to being part of the team and to the journey together of creating safer, braver, and fiercer spaces where all are able to live into and live out that we are equally blessed. 

Emeritus Board Members

Casimiro Peña

2017 - 2020

Ellen Chademana


Chris Carr


Nicole Revenaugh

2014 - 2016

Maru Gonzalez

2011 - 2014

Bill Carpenter

2001 - 2014

Enzi Tanner

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