Campus Organizing

Watch an Equality Ride Redux video here from the 2006 and 2007 Equality Rides to get a sense of this history.

Soulforce began organizing with college students where religion is a challenge to justice through the Equality Ride, This ongoing project started in 2005 when there were fewer than 10 active and out LGBTQ student groups at Christian colleges and universities in the country.


Since then, Soulforce has visited 101 schools, contributed to 21 school policy changes, and witnessed the growth of over 30 student and alumni groups. We led 6 buses on cross-country tours to host workshops, classroom visits, meetings with administrators, and direct action where necessary at colleges, universities, and seminaries.


We continue to work with students, alumni, and schools through Skill Shares, Soulforce Houses, Zines, conference calls, online trainings, and other creative kinds of intervention and collaboration. 


If you are at a school where race, religion, power, gender, or sexuality are live topics for you, then this is the place for you!