Education & Training


Soulforce provides workshops, facilitated discussions, and performance and art-based events to animate discussions and education in your community. We partner with you to provide event-specific content in several formats - 2 hour workshops, day long intensives, keynotes, multi-day conferences, and workshop series. Just to be clear on terminology, we refer to involved Soulforce-hosted educational events as Soulforce Symposia. Read More >>

What sets Soulforce Community Education apart:


  • Our willingness to work with you to create custom content that addresses your current needs


  • We can bring together a network of activists, trainers, and artists to enliven your event


  • We can work with you on a sliding scale thanks to our national network of Soulforce Trainers and partners to create an affordable experiences


  • Our events can become leadership development opportunities for your members or students if that's an added benefit for your community


  • We are comprised of a diverse set of experiences, skills, and identities that we can call on to appropriately match what supports your community best 


Past Partners


Some of our past partners include the Power of One Conference, the University of Richmond, Drake University, Stanford University, and numerous faith and social action groups.




We can provide into a political education feast that meets your needs. Our core trainings work as a chronological series or as single events, depending on your community.


Soulforce Core Trainings:


  • LGBTQI 101: Understanding Language, Concept, and Application of Social Justice within Organizations and Disciplines 


  • Social Justice 101: Exercising Social Justice Language, Concepts, and Movements to Better Understand Intersectional Frameworks


  • Concept Mapping Fundamentalism and Intersectional Justice: Understanding the Power of Language, Cultural Concepts, and How to Work Across Social Justice Issues


  • Embodying Nonviolence: Tools and Frameworks for Practicing Nonviolent Communication, Advocacy, and Action


  • Theological Justice on Race, Gender & Sex: Defanging Scripture and Applying Conversation Skills to a Multi-Issue Political Outlook 


Beyond the Core Curriculum


Soulforce Trainers and Training Partners have a breadth of skills in performance, poetry, organizing skill training such as social media and facilitation, and developing understanding and politics around several issues such as immigration, disability, and racial justice. 


Request a Training to begin a discussion on what content we can develop to meet your needs.