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The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is a Right-Wing communications network with 1400+ member stations broadcasting around the world. Their annual meeting will be hosted this year in Orlando, FL, where a significant number of anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim Christian communicators will convene to discuss broadcasting strategy for the upcoming year.


Soulforce invites all those who are willing and able, both in Florida and everywhere, to hold vigil over this Living Altar with us in Orlando as we honor our dead and challenge the power of this communications hub to harm our bodies and spirits with death-dealing rhetoric.


Soulforce, in partnership with local and regional organizations, will be collecting doves from around the world to be placed on our Living Altar. These doves symbolize those who were made ancestors at the Pulse Nightclub Massacre in Orlando in June 2016.


The Altar will be built in Philadelphia at Creating Change, the largest LGBTQI activist conference in the US, and will travel down with activists to Orlando during the National Religious Broadcasters convention on February 27-March 2.


Who are the National Religious Broadcasters and why are you targeting their convention?


The NRB serves as a significant strategy arm of the Christian Right for bolstering violent institutional practices like targeted “religious freedom” laws and anti-transgender policy creation through a faith-based rhetoric. This media spreads pervasive messaging which denies the humanity and divinity of our queer, trans, intersex, immigrant, Muslim, Black, and otherwise marginalized families. You can read more about the NRB here.

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