Religious Exemptions 101:

It Ain’t about the Cake

A Free Webinar hosted by Soulforce & Columbia Law School Public Rights Private Conscience Project

Date: Tuesday, Dec 5th | 3-4:30PM EST

On December 5, 2017, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral argument on yet another case of a baker refusing to provide his wedding services to a gay couple. The mainstream debate over religious freedom in this case centers on the baker’s rights to discriminate, but there’s a lot more at stake here than our right to cake.

Join Soulforce and Columbia Law School’s Public Rights, Private Conscience Project for a discussion on how the abuse of religious exemption laws by Christian Supremacy culture target all marginalized people - especially People of Color, LGBTQI people, Women, and religious minorities - and will impact all of our civil rights. 

Together we will work and untangle the logic of Christian Supremacy - the logic that absolves those who abuse these exemptions of the moral consequences that come with their weaponized religions.

This webinar will be hosted on Zoom. Information on how to join the call will be emailed to all registrants.