So you just found out Soulforce is offering seed grants to YOU, a young person 18-24 years old and passionate about advancing justice for folks harmed by Christian Supremacy- and you’re excited, but just can’t think of anything to use the money for?

Here are some of our favorite examples of ways Soulforcers have used seed grants to feed their work over the years: 


  1. Host a back to school mixer to raise awareness of your LGBTQI group on campus. Design and print flyers or chalk to promote your event on sidewalks with a lot of foot traffic.

  2. Put together dinner parties for folks in your community to break bread together and have roundtable discussions about social justice issues.

  3. Organize a direct action to change an oppressive policy or disrupt an event where violence is being condoned in the name of Christianity. Print informational material to pass out or make t-shirts that really get the message across. 

  4. Create an alternative spirit/healing space for politically-activated spiritual seekers. Invite spiritual leaders to help do healing work for folks who have been on the front line of protests and take communion together. 
  5. Design a series of workshops for other LGBTQI Youth of Color at your school or in your community. Discuss your lived experiences of Christian supremacy and how it affects your bodies, spirits, and communities. 

  6. Light candles at a vigil to honor those who have lost their lives because of police brutality, transphobia, or any over system of violence that hurts people spiritually, physically, and systemically.   

  7. Sport rainbow sweatbands for student athletes to wear in solidarity with their LGBTQI peers as a part of our NCAA campaign to divest from schools still harboring anti-LGBTQI practices. Playing a particularly religious school with nasty policies? Go all out with rainbow temporary tattoos, handheld queer and trans flags, and of course, sunblock if you find yourself at an outdoor event.