Digital & Social Media Guidelines

Soulforce's mission is to transform our world by confronting spiritual violence wherever it harms LGBTQI folks. From our queer understanding, we know that this work must also challenge and liberate us from racism, classism, American exceptionalism, sexism, and ableism.


We choose a principle of nonviolence because of our 17-year-long path as a bridging organization, one that honors its complicated history; bears witness to the legacies of those who have shaped and led its work; celebrates its commitment to growth and building with a spirit of earnestness, even when it gets messy. In order to recognize the power of transformation, we dedicate ourselves to bridging and translating language of justice and liberation as we go.


Nonviolence does not mean that we move away from conflict, but that we engage it directly. We abide by this principle whether we're engaging our opposition or working with our own people.


We appreciate public conversation that addresses confusion or grievance with respect to how you understand Soulforce work. We may sometimes disagree on what makes us all free; we are excited to have conversations with you where we get curious about how we each understand liberation. 


On the flip side, we do not tolerate violence or let violent behavior/actions slide. Examples include marginalizing already-marginalized people through your language; harassment; language intended to demean others; deeming that particular issues are not worthy of our consciousness; making inflammatory remarks without assuming responsibility; calling out individuals or groups without a willingness to engage in a deeper conversation; all the usual -isms like racism, classism, sexism, genderism, ableism, American exceptionalism, and other systems of oppression.


If content is posted to any of our social media that does not adhere to Soulforce principles of nonviolence, our moderators will take at least one of the following actions:


  • Individuals will be directly and nonviolently engaged about their comments.

  • Comments or posts may be deleted with notice, but will include a follow up contact for conversation with a staff member so we can build a stronger relationship.

After multiple offenses or egregious behavior that intentionally seeks to harm others, individuals may be blocked from our page.


Joy to you today and every day,
Soulforce Media Team