Soulforce Houses

The Soulforce House is a project that comes out of full breadth of our history. It pulls a little bit from several of our programs - the Equality Ride, the American Family Outing, denominational actions, Focus on the Family work, and more.

Each House is like a laboratory, with activists who are engaged at the community level on institutions like Christian colleges, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, faith communities, and parachurch organizations.


While the House is not a single physical space, we support committed cohorts of leaders - with a focus on Youth, LGBTQI people, People of Color - through yearlong Movement Fellowships that include regional retreats, experiential practice, and support for individual projects.


We work with teams of Youth in regional areas to invest in their longterm leadership. We welcome students, community members, faith leaders, and all who resonate with our work in the program. We include campus organizing, but we are not limited to it because what is relevant on campus is also alive off campus, and the move to the House model is about setting up longterm, sustainable relationships.