Let's build a network powerful enough to

embolden spirits and sabotage religious exemptions.

It's easy.


Have a rep from your school or community group register your crew.


Take a quick strategy call with Soulforce staff and students from participating schools to design strategy to figure out timing, banners, and impact.


Get your free kit of resource, art supplies, stickers and more in the mail.


Host a Solidarity Love Letter writing party at a time that's right for your crew, campus, and community.


Join your letters with others from across the country at the end of the semester so we can share them with students on Christian campuses and the media.


Keep building power and strategy with us. This is only the beginning!

Register here to get started.
We need you, regardless of your school's NCAA status or game schedule, to join in! All are welcome including non-school affiliated folks. We've got campaigns for Spring and Fall.
Fill out the information below and we'll be in touch right away.

We are so excited to work in solidarity with you. We'll be in touch right away.