Is your school playing an anti-LGBTQI school? 

Is there a school discriminating against its LGBTQI students just down the street?

There's an art to figuring out whether a school is discriminatory.


Download our list here to start.

1. First, check out the backing denomination for the school. If it's Church of Christ, Wesleyan, Southern Baptist, Church of God in Christ, Churches of Christ, a Lutheran Synod, Latter Day Saints, or Assemblies of God, then the school's denomination has a formal stance against LGBTQI people.

2. If the school is Catholic, Methodist, a Bible college, nondenominational, or inter-denominational, one should be wary and seek out concrete evidence.

3. Doing a keyword search on their website for the word "homosexual" or "gay" might reveal a school policy or student handbook regulation that is evidence of discrimination.

4. A lack of evidence, such as no search results when you search for "LGBT" and the school name should not be take as positive proof of acceptance.

5. You can always call the admissions office and ask whether LGBTQI people are affirmed on campus; the response will usually tell you the truth.

If you feel our list is out of date, either because a school is missing or because you feel a school should not be on the list, let us know at

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Remember These Numbers

30:​ That's the number of schools with anti-LGBTQI religious exemptions that get to play in the NCAA.

84:​ That's the number of anti-LGBTQI schools total that are a part of the NCAA.