Internships at Kudzu

Kudzu is a monthly newsletter geared towards student activists at Christian schools. This monthly publication from Soulforce is looking to fill the void of news relating to LGBTQ issues, race, gender, and radical student activism on campuses.

We are looking for folks who are innovative, flexible, and excited about pioneering a new project that would connect student activists from Christian campuses across the nation. Current students are preferred but recent alumni are also welcome to apply. No previous professional writing experience necessary. Meeting deadlines is essential.

*Internship positions are unpaid; however, Soulforce will provide a fund of $250 for either:

  1. An event, class, or workshop where you can gain more skills for yourself as a journalist/artist.

  2. To use and do field journalism on a story of your choice relating to Christianity, Christian college campuses, systemic oppression, or spiritual resilience.


The co-editor will work with the National Campus Organizer in contributing personal writing to the newsletter, seeking relevant stories from various Christian college campuses, editing articles submitted by various people, and helping to curate every publication. Must demonstrate a commitment to disrupting white supremacist, heteronormative, ableist, transphobic, misogynistic, and classist narratives and embody a spirit of justice in their work.

  • Experience with Google Docs is preferred

  • Please submit 2 writing samples

This Opportunity will enable you to:

  • Get experience working with a team

  • Build your journalism portfolio

  • Work remotely with a flexible schedule

  • Build your research and fact checking skills

  • Build a national network of student activists

  • Practice strategic leadership and skill building


  • Responsible for grammar, spelling, consistency,

  • Pitching and collecting story ideas on a monthly basis

  • Writing stories and/or keeping other writers on deadlines

  • Attend virtual editorial meetings once every other week

  • Work 5-10 hours a week depending on production cycle


​Please click here to apply and email at least two writing or art samples to