Kudzu is a monthly publication of Soulforce geared towards student activists at Christian schools. Though famously known in the South to devour whole institutions with its writhing vines, we know Kudzu to be more than just an obnoxious “invasive weed”.

Kudzu was originally introduced to the United States as a preventative to soil erosion. It’s leaves provide abundant shade to those seeking refuge, it’s fiber for sturdy baskets, and it’s roots for medicinal purposes. True to it’s name, our newsletter embodies everything we believe is possible of student activism.

All too often labeled as irritation to the institutions they poke, we believe student movements have the power to breathe life into the lives their very schools fail to protect.


Through this newsletter, we aim to create a network of youth activists sprouting from ground of Christian higher education and establish sustainable solidarity through the shared goals of unearthing heteropatriarchy and white supremacy on their campuses. Kudzu is a new and exciting endeavour that we are excited to watch evolve.

"We are thankful for the students who are willing to go there with us and know that with perseverance, solidarity, a little bit of unpredictability, we can revolutionize the ground we walk on."