Like Dissolves Like:

Learning from Religious Right operations at the United Nations and Organization of American States 

Date: Tuesday, April 24th | 3-4PM EST

If you have noticed that the rhetoric and strategies from the Religious Right deployed in human rights fora like the OAS and UN are feeling more similar every day to the challenges you face at home, you are not imagining it. 

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We ignore the ways and means of the Right within these institutions–and how much the current U.S. administration is politically empowering these previously marginalized groups–at our own peril. Indeed, there's a lot we can learn for our local organizing by studying the Right's work at the UN and OAS.


Soulforce invites you to a 60-minute digital gathering with leading human rights defenders and researchers to:

  • Grapple with the most powerful of the Right's current rhetoric and strategies, especially as they construct an imperative for intersectional work across SRHR, SOGIESC, and other movements

  • Glean lessons from a compare and contrast of the OAS and UN spaces

  • Examine the when, how, and why the Religious Right's institutional human rights work is disseminating outward toward the grassroots 

  • Create a "skill share" between HR advocates and local activists so that folks on the ground are ready for the impact of Religious Right strategies that have been refined at the UN and OAS


Many grassroots activists either don't have access to firsthand opposition research, or, as is often the case in the U.S., a lack of awareness of Right Wing rhetoric and strategies in these human rights fora and the stakes for our communities beyond the halls of the OAS and UN.


The main thrust of the opposition to SRHR and SOGIESC issues in human rights spaces like the OAS and the UN comes from the Religious Right, with Christian and U.S.-based organizations providing a significant amount of funding, training, research, and messaging. This webinar seeks to build stronger bridges between the local and institutional spaces that are each experiencing the threat of the Religious Right.

Many Thanks to Our Co-Facilitators:

Jeanne Hefez, Ipas

Mirta Moragas Mereles, Campaign for an Inter-American

Convention on Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights

Cole Parke, Political Research Associates


Hosted by Haven Herrin, Executive Director of Soulforce

This webinar will be hosted on Zoom. Given the sensitivity of the information, all attendees will be verified. When you are approved, information on how to join the call and a preparatory glossary will be emailed to all registrants. This session will not be recorded.

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This free webinar is offered by Soulforce in the spirit of creating accessible tools for our collective struggle for justice and healing from the spiritual violence of Christian Supremacy.


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