Selected Soulforce Media Coverage

Innocuous SCOTUS Ruling Opens Door for Discriminatory Religious Institutions to Access Public Funds

April 27, 2017

via Religion Dispatches | Author contact:

As Christians Disrespected Pulse Victims, These Activists Persisted

April 13, 2017

via The Advocate | Author Contact:

Correcting the old wrong ideas about Sodom, Gomorrah

September 09, 2016

via Erasing 76 Crimes

LGBT groups want NCAA to divest from Christian schools seeking Title IX exemptions

March 17, 2016

via Daily Dot | Author Contact:

Gay Rights Groups Urge NCAA to Punish Christian Schools Who Discriminate against LGBT Students

March 15, 2016

via Christian Headlines

LGBTQI youth to visit Christian colleges on 'Beyond Equality Ride'

March 09, 2016

via Religious News Association 

Campus Pride & Soulforce Demand NCAA Divest From All Religious-based Campuses Requesting Discriminatory Title IX Waivers Against LGBTQ Youth, Launch #GivebackIX Campaign as “March Madness” Begins

March 09, 2016

via Campus Pride | Author Contact:

Why Title IX Matters—And Christian Colleges Shouldn't Be Exempt

February 21, 2016

via Believe Out Loud | Author Contact:

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Episode 2 - Does God hate my Sex Life?

Source: Lord Have Mercy podcast by Crystal Cheatham and Alba Onofrio

September 15, 2016

Episode 1 - Yeah... Paul is an Ass Hole

Source: Lord Have Mercy podcast by Crystal Cheatham and Alba Onofrio

September 8, 2016