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Rev. Alba Onofrio

Co-Executive Director, CFO, & Spiritual Strategist

Alba Onofrio (aka Reverend Sex) is a Souther Appalachian First-Gen Latinx Queer Evangelical Femme Resister who lives and loves in la Lucha with QTPOC folks as a Spiritual Healer and Bruja Troublemaker to subvert systems of domination, combat spiritual terrorism, reclaim Guad, and eradicate shame and fear wherever they are found. They hold a Masters of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School, where their studies focused on the theologies of sex, embodiment of the Divine in the Queer Colonized body, and sexual ethics based in Queer desire. As the Spiritual Strategist for Soulforce and co-founder of the Sexual Liberation Collective, Reverend Sex continues to work for Queer Liberation all over the place, but most fondly in the US South and in solidarity with the Global South.


Yaz Mendez Nuñez

Co-Executive Director, Director of Programs & Communications

Yaz Mendez Nuñez is a facilitator based in Durham, North Carolina. As a Queer Southerner from an immigrant and military family, Yaz lives, loves, and hustles in the legacy of their Dominican and Puerto Rican ancestors. For the past five years, Yaz has served as the Director of Programs & Communications, where they practice weaving webs between political/theological education and healing from spiritual violence with activists across our social justice movements. They have also served our movement as a facilitator fellow for Wayside Center for Popular Education, a member leader of Southerners On New Ground, and through leadership in the Clearing, a community-centered, anti-oppressive spiritual convening place. Yaz's deepest political and spiritual commitments are to enthusiasm, integrity, play, joy, and authenticity.


Grace Nichols

Kinship Minister

Grace Nichols is a queer genderqueer adopted pilipinx disabled angelic trouble maker. They have served as a Cultural Organizing Fellow for Southerners on New Ground and the LGBT Program Coordinator for Georgia College & State University. Blessed to be baptized in Southern Queer Resistance and in alignment with their radical commitment to dismantling all systems of oppression, Grace is elated to serve as the new Kinship Minister for Soulforce. In this new role, Grace will focus on cultivating relationships with members and donors.

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Thekla Clemons

Office Manager

Thekla Clemons is Soulforce's incredible and diligent Office Manager.

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Megan Sharkey

Director of Ruckus

Megan comes to Soulforce staff energized to work in concert with this incredible team and mission. Prior to joining the Soulforce team, Megan worked with a mental health advocacy organization that focuses on the empowerment of peers and emphasizes self-directed care.


Megan manages symptoms of their mental health challenges daily and through their recovery journey they have found themselves. A queer, Irish Northerner by birth, Megan now happily resides in the South with their wife. 

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Assata Dela Cruz

Communications Herald

Assata Dela Cruz is a black femme of Yoruba + Chahta Yakni descent by blood and Palestinian + Mayan descent by culture. 

She is an intuitive healer which she credits to her Islamic faith but also her Bruja roots.  She expresses these gifts through several holistic healing modalities including yoga and root work.

Her greatest passion, however, is motherhood and she feels a strong calling to provide support particularly to mothers of color through radical birth work.  She also fights relentlessly for a world void of an increasingly destructive capitalism.

As an Aquarius, she thrives on creativity which she likes to manifest mostly through writing, photography and creating online content.