Let's Transform the United Methodist Church


We continue our global denominational work within the United Methodist Church at this time. Since 2013, we have been working with intermal UMC groups to show up and show our dissent at their major leadership meetings like the Council of Bishops and Connectional Table.


SIGN UP: If you are interested in United Methodist denominational work, join the email list specificall for these actions here.


Our efforts in solidarity with Methodist groups have produced a renewed dedication to hearing from LGBTQI people on "human sexuality panels" - though unfortunately alongside the prevailing discriminatory viewpoints - and a commitment from the Connectional Table, the highest church leadership body, to craft its own inclusive legislation for the 2016 General Conference in Portland, OR.


We are committed to work within the UMC because of its global reach, its purported social justice mission, and the ways it has become entangled in political aims mired in racism and economic exploitation that stem from U.S. corporate interests. 


At this point, we are building our base for mobilizing at General Conference, May 10 -20, 2016 in Portland, OR.


If you want to bring trainers to your church or social action group to prepare for nonviolent direct action and organizing in advance of the General Conference, visit our Request a Trainer page to start the conversation.