I never felt called to activism but I have often had strong feelings about wrongs in my community which I wanted to address. Instead of vocalizing my disappointments I usually just kept to myself or vented with friends. It wasn't until I came out as gay that I realized it's time to speak out. 

Biola is a wonderful private Christian University that I am grateful to attend. But it is dispassionate place for people who are LGBTQ. Like most private Christian universities, there are strict community standards and even an expulsion policy for homosexuality. Biola has made elaborate strides to keep students in the dark. They are hungry for answers on matters of homosexuality and the church! Biola has mainly provided anti-gay resources that are harmful. More recently proscribing a celibate lifestyle for all LGBTQ Christians, without any affirming representation.

As a house member I want to help bring different perspectives to the community and provide more resources for LGBTQ students. Most importantly, we want to build truly safe spaces where  students can learn, be heard, and grow to be who God intended them to be.

Biola is finally starting efforts to be more loving and understanding toward LGBTQ students, but still have a long way to go. Conversations are happening and students are finally able to come out and speak transparently. So now is the best time for action. We want to fuel these conversations and provide perspectives, education, and even health resources that Biola hasn't.

People may think we're being too brash for bringing our perspectives to Biola, but we're doing this in love. I want to see this community of future leaders in Christ grow and develop - To be fully prepared in addressing matters of homosexuality in ways that are loving and well-informed. I want there to be unity and peace between all students, and help build a safer environment for the LGBTQ community on campus.



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