Welcome to our 10-part course on creating a practice of relentless, nonviolent activism that resists white supremacist values. 


Soulforce’s intentions with our Refreshing Nonviolence course is to create an expansive space to explore your own thoughts to nonviolent activism, develop consistent ethics, and divest from the frameworks and values that white supremacist thinking would place on our liberation work.

“Relentless, Nonviolent Resistance” is Soulforce’s most enduring call to action. We were founded as an LGBTQI organization that challenges the Religious Right and weaponized Christianity, and we intentionally took inspiration for our ethics and actions from ancestors who practiced nonviolent forms of resistance.

Our practice of nonviolent activism calls us to honor our ancestors with our ethics and organizing today.


Most schools of nonviolent resistance formed around iconic practitioners who dismantled systems of colonization, racialized violence, and labor exploitation. As a consequence, we cannot be surprised that white supremacy created a warped version of Nonviolence to disrupt and divide all of us working for collective liberation.

We reject calls to nonviolent practice that are simply coded white supremacy.


In this series from Soulforce Founder Rev. Dr. Mel White and Haven Herrin, former Executive Director who served on staff from 2005 to 2019, we hold everything up for examination in a tender, sometimes irreverent, and accessible way. We hope that you gain sharper clarity, vocabulary, or principles from this course to strengthen your activism.

We suggest a measured pace.


Each short video is paired with a meditation and discussion questions to support you in developing your own principles, motivations, and frameworks for activism. This course works well as an individual adventure or a group learning experience. Click on a session title to begin.


Email us at hello@soulforce.org.

Let us know if you need support, bulk printed resources, or other accompaniment for your and your community.

“This particular political and
cultural moment.”
“A working definition of
nonviolent activism.”
“Relentless resistance...
“Why we choose
nonviolent activism.”
“Should I bring a gun?”
“Letting go of being nice.”
“The tactical side of
nonviolent activism.”
“Embracing the force
of our spirit.”
“Embracing the force
of our spirit.”
Final Discussion Questions