Session 1



There are so many different kinds of power in this world: collective power, individual power, state power, the power of dominant culture, power for harm, and power for liberation. Our individual desires, fears, identities, and un/privileges are in continual conversation with all these faces of power.


We long for lives that are not premised upon systems of power that manifest violence. Can we dream of world that supports us in responding: What do my people need to be free? With how we live our lives. We yearn to become our own best creations.


In our organizing, let’s honor the unbreakable ties woven among all beings by the kinds of power that operate within and without all beings. These connections, both a demand and gift, may lead to loving and equitable interdependence.




  1. What are your feelings and knowings about nonviolence? Where or from whom did you receive your “story of nonviolence?”

  2. How does your relationship to state power shape the kind of activism you value or can participate in? How does it shape the way your witness is received?

  3. What does a world without violence feel like, taste like, sound like, look like to you?