Session 3



We invite structure that keeps us accountable, but reject external dogma that keeps us less than emotionally or intellectually present to the situation in front of us. A path, well-trodden by our ancestors, is a helpful guidepost as long as we are awake, breathing, and organizing into this Moment of our struggle for liberation. Our kindred who came before us are showing the way: Connect, Study, Negotiate, Act, Be Relentless, and Care for One Another. Above all, we are asked to believe in our ability to overcome and heal the isolation, intergenerational trauma, and systems of domination that harm our people.


We will work with our tools: thoughtfulness, analysis, moral witness, and our bodies to make our story understood. We will advance on this iterative, spiralling path toward liberation. We can thank our ancestors for their wisdom and reinvent our path at the same time. We are powerful beyond measure when we work in concert with our kindred and ancestors to tell the truth.



  1. What are the skills you bring to your activism that give you the most joy to utilize?

  2. Do you have a process or theory of change that guides your activism?

  3. Where did you learn your path towards activism? Who are your teachers?