Beyond Equality Ride

As the rise of weaponized Christianity threatens the well-being of all marginalized people, we know that it is important to engage and challenge those institutions that use religious freedom as a tool to harm our people.


In March 2016, our Beyond Equality Ride traveled to schools across the Southeast U.S. to transform fear into power at campuses where religious fundamentalism is wielded to harm LGBTQI students.

In over 10 years of youth-led work, Soulforce has learned a decade of lessons about organizing, Christian supremacy, and how to practice nonviolence to save our souls. After a brief hiatus, the Beyond Equality Ride is back unleashed youth power centered on justice, faith in our purpose, and a sacred knowing of where we come from.


For two weeks, our Riders worked with students and administration at Christian college campuses to engage with the Bible, create spaces of healing for LGBTQI people and people of color who have been harmed by spiritual violence, and publicly called on religious institutions to practice a faith and an ethic that is accountable to the most marginalized of us.

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