Beyond Equality Ride Route

Our 17-day Beyond Equality Ride is headed out to 8 sites across the South to work with students, administration, churches, and community members to foster conversation about the issues that shape our lives: sexuality, race, gender, power, violence, and religion.

If you don't see your region on the route, but want to be involved and support  the mission of our Riders, visit our Support page for more ways to get involved.

       Nashville, TN                                 March 13-15

       Knoxville, TN                                 March 16

       Asheville, NC                                 March 17-20

       Huntsville, AL                                March 21

       Jackson, MS                                   March 22-23

       Selma, AL                                       March 24

       Montgomery, AL                            March 25

       Atlanta, GA                                     March 25-27


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