This is How We Fight Back

Once upon a time... There was a sweet little girl named CC who grew up in a Christian land with a Christian family. The ruler of that world was a cruel man named King Christian Supremacy III. Christian had two brothers who were kings of nearby lands, King Heteropatriarchal Supremacy and King White Supremacy. The three brothers were very close and vowed to one another that they would make sure that the laws in each of their lands were similar enough that, no matter which land a person moved to, that person would be controlled in the same way and held to the same expectations. Now CC's parents, and their parents, and their parents, had always lived in the same house on the same street under the rule of King Christian. All they had ever known were his laws and the culture that these laws created throughout the land. This culture was bright and beautiful with singing and dancing but only if boys danced with girls, only if girls danced in long black dresses, and only if each person singing sang soprano, alto, or tenor based on what the law declared they ought to sing. CC began to be discouraged and think that she did not deserve a bright life because she liked to dance with girls, wear short red dresses and sing soprano AND alto AND tenor. Her parents saw that she did not follow the king's laws and this frustrated them. They tried to put her in black dresses to soothe their own discomfort. They tried to put her in singing lessons so that other people would accept her. But CC would not wear black dresses and the people around her did not accept her. One day CC was dancing and skipping and running and smiling and the people she passed whispered to each other, "Isn't that CC? She's the only one around here who wears red dresses. Why is she skipping and smiling? She's an outcast." CC saw their confusion and smiled even brighter and people slowly started to wonder, If CC could break all the rules and still be this happy, maybe following the rules is not the only way to happy. It made people see that maybe there were other options. CC got to where she was going, turned and checked in all directions to make sure that she hadn't been followed and stepped through a row of tall thick bushes into a clearing where girls were dancing with girls and boys were dancing with boys and goys were dancing with birls. Everyone had a little variation to their dress whether it was lace here, blue polka dots there or the dress was sewn between the legs into pants. People were forgetting what the law had declared they should sing and were singing what their hearts told them instead. Four beautiful people (and all of the people there were beautiful) ran over to CC saying kind and sassy and flirtatious things to her and she sassed, and loved, and flirted right back. Some of the things that CC's friends complimented her on were things that they had in common and CC knew, contrary to everything that King Christian had tried to put into law, that these things were given to CC and her friends by God or, rather, they were reflections of God from within. Some of the things CC complimented her friends on were things that were different between them and these too were reflections of divine power. CC spent many hours there in that clearing dancing and fucking and singing and telling stories and affirming everyone she encountered. Then, after she had sweated out all the lies that Christian Supremacy had tried to teach her about the immorality of wearing red dresses and dancing with girls, and after she had helped her friends strip themselves of the destructive things they had absorbed in the lands they came from, each person left the clearing at their own pace and went back home to their families. CC passed many people on her way home and they saw that she was smiling even brighter now. One girl a couple years older than CC walked up to CC and said, "I've heard about you, you're an outcast. Why are you so happy all the time?" CC winked at the girl and said, "I love myself and I just got loved on by a whole lot of people." Others around them overheard CC. Some looked away in judgment, some turned their ear in curiosity. Regardless of their response, that day everyone knew that King Christian's laws were not as powerful as they had once thought. Brightness and beauty was clearly not just for boys who dance with girls.

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Soulforce works to end the political and religious oppression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people through relentless nonviolent resistance.

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