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Skill Share

for Your Campus Community!


A One-Day Social Justice Conference For Your Campus

A Soulforce Skill Share is a confidential, one-day gathering to provide networking, training, and space for building relationships and strategies for campuses where religion poses an obstacle to social justice.


What you are hungry for may be economic justice, racial justice, queer justice, gender justice, or all of the above. The Skill Share provides you the space to talk about what tactics and goals are useful on your campus, especially when open hostility, policies, or fundamentalism are working against your quest for liberation.


Upcoming Events!


SoCal Soulforce Skill Share, September 11th and 12th in Santa Barbara


Upper Midwest Soulforce Activist Skill Share, September 19th and 20th in Kalamazoo




These Skill Shares are in response to the many conversations we have had with school-affiliated folks over 10 years of Equality Ride work. Our takeaway is a clear request to support people in connecting across schools, learning and sharing ideas with each other, and having organizational back-up for the tough work of changing culture and policy on these campuses.


Soulforce welcomes current students, staff, faculty, alumni, or involved and concerned community members to "raise their hand" and name their desire to have a Soulforce Skill Share in their community this summer.


We will bring resources, facilitation, and snacks. You tell us where the greatest desire is and we will do our best to get there. 


What we are looking for:


  • A strong handful of motivated representatives within a region (you don't need to be an established leader/activist, we just need to know we are working with authentic community reps)

  • Voices from 2 or more schools in a region

  • Your commitment to working with us to set up a Skill Share that meets your needs


Email us your statement of interest using the form below. Please answer the following questions:


1. What's up on campus? What do you want to work on?

2. What have you tried, and what do you want to try?

3. What do you need to make your dreams come true: networking, partnerships, off-campus ties, training, spiritual support, comrades, a strategic plan, etc.?


Once you have filled out the form, don't stop there. Get your friends and colleagues connected to your school to write in too. Do some local or regional outreach to other schools to let them know we need their signal!


Questions? Email today. All submissions will be kept strictly confidential.


Thanks for putting your community on the map. We'll be in touch shortly!