SoCal Soulforce

Skill Share


Space to gather, learn, heal, move, and build trust with students on Christian campuses in the Los Angeles region.


Skill Shares are a one-day conference venue we offer to all schools who want to work with us to develop a curriculum that meets your needs on and off campus.

September 12th, 9am to 5pm


First Congregational Church
2101 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105


View thge Facebook event here.


We just completed this Skill Share, and we have another scheduled for the following weekend. We'll be doing the round up of what happened and post all our photos and next phase ideas on Facebook and here as soon as we are able!


Start the school year off right by joining us in Santa Barbara for gathering built to serve the unique needs of students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Christian schools.


Soulforce will be hosting an all day Skill Share with workshops, networking, space to heal and share, and resources to take back to your campus.


Join us the evening before on the 11th at the same location for Spectrum Ministry's (of Westmont College) kick-off mixer event!


Spectrum Kick-Off Facebook event here.


We'll hear some exciting announcements and get to know each other as well as some community allies Friday night. 



Join us for facilitating space dedicated to movement, singing, art, small group discussion, and letting go of the messages that no longer support us. Content will address how we can continue creating sacred space, sustain intersectional organizing, and respond to Biblical violence.  We are all about a theology and a practice that affirms the body and our search for justice.


A note on audience:


There are so few spaces that center people who are most directly affected by systems of white supremacy, transphobia, and homophobia and even fewer still that address the role that religion has played in the development of those realities. As this is our first Skill Share in L.A., we are asking that all of us who care about this work choose to center people who inhabit one or more of the social identities that are targeted by these systems of oppression - specifically People of Color and/or LGBTQI people.  This space is crafted intentionally so that the voices that less often get center stage can fill up the room. 


Alumni as well as former faculty and staff who hold one or more of these identites are encourage to attend. 


 If you are an ally to both of these groups (i.e. neither LGBTQI nor a Person of Color), we love your commitment and encourage you to contact National Campus Organizer Jordyn Sun at to discuss how we can support you as an ally on multiple fronts. 


Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Saturday. We'll be organizing carpools up to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles as well as gathering information about housing and dietary needs once your RSVP is confirmed.


Questions? Email today.