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Support Legislation that ensures publicly funded grants may not be used by schools with Title IX exemptions

We know that Title IX waivers and religious exemptions stand to cause incredible harm to all marginalized people – economically, spiritually, theologically – and that they work to tell a story about the power of Christianity in this country that is not only untrue, but death-dealing to us on the margins. In this rife political moment, we are here together in this fight to hold institutions accountable.

SB 1146 is a landmark bill that would provide more transparency for students and staff from Christian schools by requiring institutions to make information about their Title IX exemption clear. It would also allow for people who have experienced discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity to pursue civil action. Both of these provisions would allow for much greater accountability for our Christian universities and increase protection for current as well as prospective students and staff.

SB 1146 will be voted on in committee on August 15th. Here are ways you can help to make our voices heard:

SPREAD THE WORD: Get informed (which you are doing right now-good job)! Then inform and educate your friends, family, and community about the bill.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Share this video and voice your support for systemic change!

CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATOR: If you are a California resident, or invested in California, send an email or make a phone call to your California assemblymember this week. Click here to find your assemblymember.

PRAY: Pray that the leaders of our faith-based institutions listen to their LGBTQ community members. Pray that their morality will come into alignment with theology of life abundant for all of Creation, and that their ethics will not, once again, be bought by their conservative donor base, or swayed by their board of trustees, or intimidated by their lawyers. Pray that faith-based institutions can grow from this experience and finds ways to embrace others into a kin-dom of God that is even bigger and more beautiful than they could have ever imagined.

We understand that this has been a long fight – it never began with Title IX or with media coverage, nor will it end with marriage equality or the victory of #GiveBackIX. We know in our bones that our people, our students, have been fighting to survive the trauma of spiritual violence for a long time. We recognize that there is always work to do to create worlds free from spiritual violence. But we delight in knowing that we have built power towards moments like this.

We believe in challenging power and tackling institutions. We believe we can create worlds free from violence. We support all students directly affected by Title IX waivers on campus, and we know that we can win.