Guide for Campus Organizing

Think of our Survival & Thrival Guide as a field manual for folks doing social justice work on campus. We are collecting the best practices, clever solutions, cautionary tales, and successes of organizing on campuses where the authority isn't always so supportive of your work and religion proves can prove an obstacle. 

You're on campus...

  • And you are wondering, "How do I find my people, my crew?"


  • You've found your crew, and your wondering, "How do we build up a sense of common cause?"


  • You've built common cause, but you're wondering, "How do we get from where we are to where we want to go...and where is it exactly we want to go?"


  • You've figure out where you want to go, but you're thinking, "We need more people, more information, more analysis, more skills."


  • You've got your crew, you've got your skills, but now you want to know, "How do we sustain ourselves for the long haul?"


  • You've now graduated, and you'r wondering, "What now?"

If you've asked these questions, or if you have answers, the Survival & Thrival Guide can help.

The Survival & Thrival Guide is a password-protected (for now, until we can gauge the safety of it being public) repository of the best wisdom and first-person accounts on what works, what doesn't, and why.


Did you know that adminisrations can read your emails? The Survival & Thrival Guide tips you off so you know to use a personal email address for organizing that might challenge norms on campus.  

How do I contribute, and how do I join?

Right now, membership to the Guide is made when you contribute so that we protect confidentiality. We know a lot of you are very attuned to security, so we want to respect that as we build this body of knowledge together.


You can contribute to the Survival & Thrival Guide by filling out the survey below and we'll be in touch in a few days about your membership to the treasure trove of knowledge.