Susan V.

I feel inspired to do this work with Soulforce because I want to change the narratives of students at fundamentalist evangelical colleges. As someone who entered into APU’s campus with no knowledge or understanding of my sexuality (shout-out to internalized homophobia and repression) the process of coming out in this environment and without a familial support system to rely on for help was intensely painful. While I am thankful that I was granted the strength to make it through that process with at least some of my sanity, I want to do anything and everything possible to protect those who will come after me, who will have to face these same problems and who will have to go through the same traumas that I did if nothing changes.


As a member of the House I want to be a part of the radical reclamation of students’ true stories which Soulforce is attempting to bring to these campuses. I believe that the House gives students on the ground at these campuses the resources and training to work to bring justice to all those who have systematically had their narratives invalidated. I ultimately believe in this House and the work that we do because by standing with and supporting each other we have been able to start standing up against those in power who consistently try to eradicate our “problematic” realities, and I will do anything in my own power to continue that work.

*When you support Susan, you are providing housing, training, food, transportation, printing, and staff support to a group of powerful activists creating a home for people in Southern California who live, breathe, work, and study in hostile fundamentalist contexts. Thanks for making Soulforce come alive in new ways through the Equality Ride program.