Vacation Bible School

Soulforce Vacation Bible School is a digital community space where folks gather to explore new and old perspectives on theology with a queer eye. Together we will create spiritual & political toolkits to resist spiritual violence and heal our souls.

Our theme for our July 2017 session was The Wild and Magical World of God's Good Creation!

Session Topics and Dates:

Our Approach to the Bible
Unicorn |
July 6th 2017

Queer Sexualities
Black Swan |
July 11th 2017

Community & Chosen Family
Bee |
July 13th 2017

The Birds and the Bees
Komodo Dragon |
July 18th 2017


Gender Expression
Emperor Penguin |
July 20th 2017


Pleasure & Promiscuity
Walrus |
July 25th 2017


July 27th 2017

Join us as we create spiritual community together that is based on Biblical principles of life, abundance, and liberation.