Our Values


If you are encountering Soulforce for the first time, or seeking out the backstory to the choices we make and language we use, here's where we spell out what we believe, why we believe it, the values that guide us, and what they cultivate within us. Read More >>






















This is the stuff of our DNA, the principles by which we weigh and measure our priorities, make tough choices, and plan out future strategies.



Our Purpose 


Soulforce's goal is to turn this world upside down and inside out in the name of justice and equity for folks across all marginalized racial, sexual, and gender identities. We seek to do the kind of collective activism that makes our souls burst as we free ourselves from spiritual violence. 


To do this, we unify ourselves and confront power at the source.



Hallmarks of Soulforce Organizing


  • We critique the role of religion in society where it empowers or is complicit with other systems of oppression, knowing that the use of superficial religious signifiers has magnified the power of many forms of injustice.


  • We practice nonviolence as an organization because of a commitment to seeing every human as worthwhile and capable of change; we understand that oppressive structures, systems, and ideologies are the enemy.


  • We make the distinction between engaging individuals but dismantling corrosive systems and cultures of thought. 


  • ​Our actions, at their best, turn power on its ear and rethink possibilities for change.


  • We have a strong desire for creative public discourse and direct action.


  • We carefully consider the dynamics of power and leadership within the organization and our projects.


  • We strive to organize in a way that draws strength not from money or conventional power but from the force of “revolution that is irresistible.” We try to make it creative, tantalizing, fresh, impossible to say no.


  • In every action, we ask ourselves, “How is this building a movement?”


  • We invest in projects and campaigns that allow for transformative personal interactions and cross-movement alliances.


  • We challenge ourselves to become what we ask of our adversaries: compassionate, open-minded, knowledgeable, and just.



Where We're Headed


We dream of a world in which social justice movements are inclusive and collaborative as we help make it possible for all people, regardless of chosen or inherent identities, to have access, opportunity, and security.



Our Roots


We're firmly planted in challenging the Religious Right because it is a powerful cultural and political agent with financial force underpinning its work. It has landed hard on LGBTQI folks, women, and people of color since time immemorial.


The beliefs, actions and rhetoric of the Religious Right lead to the loss of jobs, healthcare, educational access, financial security, and social inclusion for many - LGBTQI people specifically for sure, but many others as well. When we challenge the platform of the Right from our LGBTQI context, we know we must also inherently be about challenging many forms of oppression including sexism, racism and classism.



Our Values


  • We believe in the practice of nonviolence as a soul-affirming, useful, and effective practice of mind, spirit, and body.


  • We believe that an LGBTQI challenge to religious fundamentalism is necessarily a feminist, anti-racist project.


  • We honor that for many activism can be a spiritual journey.


  • We are dedicated to supporting emerging leaders and collaborating with experienced leadership and wisdom.