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Christian Supremacy at the Border

Dec. 18, 2018            Register here!


Connecting the dots between our Latinx family in the

Caravan at the U.S. Southern Border and LGBTQI issues.

March 11, 2018         

A 60-minute digital self-defense class to wrestle with the conversation of Biblical literalism and weaponized scripture. Join us to hone your approach to de-fanging scripture, increase your Biblical literacy, and grow your confidence to have hard conversations about the Bible in your justice work. This is the primer conversation to the Bible Self-Defense Series.

Connecting Religious Exemptions to Trans and
Racial Justice

Tuesday, December 5, 2018

Coming Up:

May 2, 2018      


Examining "The Evil of Eve" - Woman as seductress or helper. Part 2 of the Breaking Open: Bible Self-Defense series.

Bible Self-Defense Series: The "Sin of Sodom & Gomorrah"

June 6, 2018          

Examining the "sin" of Sodom & Gomorrah. What is this Bible story about, and how can we practice spiritual self-defense around this weaponized scripture?

Bible Self-Defense Series: "The Gender Binary & the Indiscretion of Cross Dressing"

July 11, 2018                              


Examining the gender binary and the "indiscretion" of cross dressing

Bible Self-Defense Series: "Effeminate Men

and the Crime of Sex"

August 1, 2018


Breaking open the ways Leviticus is leveled against femininity, men, and sex.

Bible Self-Defense Series: "God & Gender Transgressors"

Sept. 5, 2018                        


Unpacking scriptures that raise deeper questions about God, faith, and gender expression.

Bible Self-Defense Series: "Romans & the Immorality of the Unnatural"

Oct. 3, 2018             


Unpacking Romans and what exactly "unnatural" means to us.