The Survival & Thrival Zine


If there's one message we consistently get from students...

It's that life on campus can be isolating, and we are all hungry for connection, sharing, feeling stronger together, and knowing we have back up. 


That's where the Survial & Thrival Zine comes in. Fresh off the press every September, November, February, and April, we're compiling your poems, artwork, messages, and best practices into a cross-country soapbox.


Here's how it works:


1. Submit your work - it can be poetry, prose, drawings, photographs, manifestos, and other create media - by the deadline for the next S&T Zine.


2. Not every submission will be accepted for publication in the Zine. Some might fall outside our purpose or guidelines, and sometimes we might not have enough room. Submissions that are accepted but don't make it into the Zine will be showcased on our Tumblr.


3. Every Zine will have a special theme. Our first edition, naturally, is "Back to School".


4. If you submit, regardless if you are accepted for publicatino in the Zine, we'll send you a bundle to hand out at school to get your started. We'll also make the Zine available by download for free so you can print off more.



More Stuff You Need to Know


Our Purpose


  • Challenge our academic institutions to live out the principles they profess around intellectual curiosity, honesty, and liberation...and then some.

  • Build up a network of students and alumni who are dealing with Christian Supremacy on campus and how it links to multiple forms of oppression. 

  • Draw the reality of our campuses into a larger conversation about the communities cities around us and work across campuses, issues, and geographies.

  • Support the leadership and expression of people who experience the most marginalization.



What to Expect of This Space


While this Zine is a place for learning and sharing, we are not “Big Tent” for any and all expressions. We will not publish works that are racist, trans/bi/homophobic, ableist, American exceptionalist, or classist.


We are excited to give a signal boost to expression that challenges norms, assimilation, and the idea that our salvation comes through good behavior. This space holds liberation across race, gender, sex, sexuality, faith, class, language, citizenship, and ability as equally esteemed and inextricably linked.


Soulforce, as in all projects, works to amplify the voices and leadership of those who are most targeted by multiple systems of oppression.



Call for Submissions! 


Theme: Back to School



What would you like to say to your administration?


How does oppression show up on campus? 


What would you have wanted your Freshamn self to know?


Suggested topics, but don't limit yourself:

Religious fundamentalism, Christian Supremacy, feminism, art, education, ableism, radical politics, intersectional justice, intersectional identities, What no one ever told me about going to school here, What I want everyone to know about what it's like to go here. 


Submission format:

We accept poetry, prose, art, manifestos, other creative and 2-D works. Please submit in pdf or jpg format in 300dpi or higher. Any dimensions are acceptable, though we may have to shrink it and/or combine it with other submission on the same page. You may make multiple submissions. You may include an explanation or accompanying text meant for publication alongside your work.


About publication:

Your submission is an agreement to be published if accepted. To be eligible for publication, we will need to know your name, school affiliation(s), race/ethnicity, and connection to the LGBTQI community. This can remain confidential, but it is necessary for our decision process. 


Deadline: August 28, 2015 at 5pm PST.


To submit, include it as an attachment in an email to with your submission. Please email with any questions you have.

Survival & Thrival Zine, Ed. 1


"Back to School"


Make your submission today!


Submission deadline: 

August 28, 2015


Call for submissions below.